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 Call Pact it’s…

    • 25 operational positions (expandable to 120)
    • 1 center in south France (Luberon Pertuis), you take seamlessly with a company registered in France,
    • Strong values with corporate CSR management: we put people at the center of our organization with a high quality source implication. Exclusively, we give you the opportunity to have direct contact with our teams seamlessly
    • A virtual absence of turnover, our agents are involved in our services and our relationship with you. Their motivation is total because they are your direct contact relay with your customers and prospects. Their mission is, among others, to always help improve your brand image
    • Efficient and dedicated to SME / VSE methodology: our commitment is the same whether you are a large group or a TPE
    • Benefits to the card, we analyze your needs and build with you


It is also …

Managing your incoming needs (telephone, email, chat, tweet …)

French and English (you participate in the selection of our teams!)

Home Phone
Standard Outsourcing
Hot line information product
Hot line technical and maintenance
Order intake / booking
Claims management, information, service etc.

And finally …

Managing your outgoing calls:

Provision of telephone land for your Market Research
Polls satisfaction surveys
Proactive customer relationship (keep, get, Increase)
Raise on purchase / booking process
Qualified appointments outlet
File Qualification
Project detection
Generating traffic for your events are a success


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